Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Down, 18 More to Go!

Our Australian meal was a success.  The food was fairly easy to prepare.  Not too many ingredients and very yummy.  I made the Pavlova first since it had to cook in the oven for 1 1/2 hours.  My new standing mixer made it very easy to beat the egg whites.  It was amazingly fast.  My son was very fascinated by the mixer going by itself. (He's almost 4).  After the merangue cooled, we made the fresh whipped cream to put on top and cut fresh strawberries for the top of the cake.  My son also helped to put the strawberries on top.  He was very proud of himself. 
Then around 4 o'clock I started to make the meat pie.  Again, just a few ingredients.  I had to brown the meat with onions and just a couple of seasonings.  It cooked for about 15 minutes in a broth, then I thickened the broth with flour.  I rolled out puff pastry for the crust and had some extra left over.  I decided to decorate the top of the pie with the extra dough.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to put on top. My husband and I went online to look up an Australian logo.  After checking things out, I decided to just try to outline the map of Australia.  It kind of worked, but it shrunk when I cooked it.
The meal was very delicious.  I served the pie with a simple iceberg lettuce salad and Fosters for my husband and Layer Cake shiraz wine for Southern Australia for myself. The meat pie was very mild tasting.  My son needed a little coaxing to eat the meat, but he did.  Dessert was the star.  We each ate 2 servings and will share the rest with my in-laws tonight.  It had a very light and airy texture/flavor. 
It was a fun experience.  I never would have cooked this if it wasn't for my little project here.  Next on the cuisine is Malaysia!  Who the heck knows what I'll cook for that!

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